Birthday Parties

Possible Themes

Ballerina Ball
This is perfect for the ballet-loving kid! During this party theme the basics of ballet will be taught along with games all geared around ballet…So, all dance wear is welcome! Tutus are provided!!

Pirate Party
ARRRRRRE you ready? With this party kids will search for gold, get pirate names and learn pirates song and dance and more! Pirate gear is provided!!

50's Fun
The fun of Grease and Elvis all in one! All music, games and dance will relate to the 50’s!

Beach Luau
Bringing Hawaii to your party! Will play beach games to beach music, play limbo and of course learn to hula! Grass skirts and leis are provided!

Wild West
YEEE HAW! Calling all birthday cowboys and cowgirls with this western themed party line dance and western games are to be expected. Cowboy hats are provided!

60's Groovy
Play games inspired by the 60’s and dances that are sure to keep you groovy baby!

Happily Hip Hop
Break out your sneakers and hip hop gear that is guaranteed to get your body moving! From hip hop dances to hip hop music your guests are sure to leave happy!

Hooray for Hollywood
We want to make you shine! Prepare for your Hollywood debut with learning an opening number, playing games and walk the red carpet! Super star sunglasses are provided!

Broadway Bash
Learn songs and dances from Broadway musicals! Are you ready to become a star? Top hats are provided!

Knights/Princess Night
You will be royally treated to a party fit for a pretty princess or brave knight! Games, dances, stories you name it… royal crowns are provided!

Crazy Candy
Who isn’t crazy about candy?! All songs and games will be geared to give you sugar rush from head to toe!

Amazing Artists
Combining the fun of art with the movement of dance! So bust out your brushes and let’s get to making some moving art!

Playful Pool
Games and dances in the water!! Ever wanted to do water ballet? Well this party is for you! We are bringing dance to the pool so don’t forget your suit!

Once Upon a Rock Star
Has a star been born? We want you to rock out just like your favorite singers! Prepare your very own music video and learn dances that ROCK!