Your child will be so proud to be performing on the big stage!


WHERE: Agnes Scott College

ALL INCLUSIVE FEE: $150 (Please know that it is important that ALL students have the opportunity to perform. We have payment plan options so we can make sure that no child is left out due to financial issues, we will work with you.)

What does this include?...

1. Costumes for two dances, they are yours to keep!

2. No tickets needed! Attendance may be limited to just parents/siblings but we will evaluate as we get closer based on COVID-19 spread. We are hoping for everyone to be able to come!

3. A professional venue

4. Appropriate staffing to ensure a safe and fun environment for our dancers.

5. Sound/lighting technicians

6. Decorations/backdrops

7. Programs

8. Staff

9. Security

10. NEW this year...ONLINE recital video link that will be available to share with all friends and family!

And MUCH more!

CLICK HERE TO fill out your child's costume sizing information!

Parent testimonial on our recitals:

"I was completely blown away by the dance performance this past Saturday. You and your staff did an amazing job of running a top-notch recital. I was impressed by how smoothly and efficiently the entire event ran --- from early morning check-in to starting promptly to getting each little dancer on and off stage so quickly to coordinating the return of children to their families afterwards. It was all done so beautifully and organized so well. You had enough programs printed. The sound was perfect. The lighting greatly enhanced the dances, and the audiovisual screen prompts were helpful and cleverly in keeping with the IPod Shuffle theme. I was just completely in awe. I honestly didn't expect an after school dance program to put on such a professional, well-run show.

You made it all very easy and convenient for the parents, too. It was so wonderful not to have to worry with tickets, seating, and downtown venues in rush hour traffic!"

Location: Agnes Scott college, Gaines auditorium

Date: May 21st, 2022

Dress rehearsal: 8:30 AM

SHOW: 11:30 AM


  • ALL Tucker Dance Studio classes

  • Exception (TDS Wednesday 6:00 will perform in show 4)

Location: Agnes Scott college, Gaines auditorium

Date: May 21st, 2022

Dress rehearsal: 3:00 PM

SHOW: 6:30 PM


  • ALL Dunwoody Dance Studio classes

  • Dunwoody Christian Academy

Location: Agnes Scott college, Gaines auditorium

Date: May 22nd, 2022

Dress rehearsal: 8:30 AM

SHOW: 11:30 AM


  • St. Thomas More

  • Brook Run Park

  • Shallowford Presbyterian School

  • Jewish Kids Group - Brookhaven

  • The Globe Academy

  • St. Peter Claver

Location: Agnes Scott college, Gaines auditorium

Date: May 22nd, 2022

Dress rehearsal: 3:00

SHOW: 6:30 PM


  • Fulton Science Academy

  • Spalding Drive

  • Woodland Elementary

  • High Point Elementary

  • TDS Wednesday 6:00 class

  • DAH Allison group


Q: Do most children participate in the recital?

A: YES, we normally have a 99% participation rate.

Q: Is this the only recital?

A: Yes, this is the only recital performance for the school year.

Q: Do I have to pay the fee all at once?

A: Payment plans are available when registering.

Q: Will I have to buy tickets?

A: NO, come one come all!

Q: Will my child keep their costume?

A: Yes, and the great news is that most kids can wear their costume pieces again because they are purchased mostly from normal big chain clothing stores. We see many kids wearing their outfits to school and to dance class after the recital.

Q: If the recital is in May, why do you need the fee by December 10th?

A: It takes a long time to purchase and prepare costumes for large groups.

Important Recital Information

  • Your child should come dressed in their first costume with all hair and makeup done.

  • Please do not send makeup with your child. this becomes very messy backstage.

  • Send your child with a book(s) to read while backstage. Do not send any electronics including iPhones, iPads, video games etc. If a child is seen playing with an electronic item, it will be taken and returned to the parents at the end of the show.

  • Dancers should bring a lunch and snack which should be non-messy food such as sandwich, veggies, chips etc. They will ONLY be allowed to bring water. Please do not send juice, soda or any fast food.

  • All items that you send should be labeled with their last name and put in a backpack. This would include lunch, costume items, and a book.

  • Dress rehearsal is a closed rehearsal which means you will drop your child off, unless you are signed up to volunteer. We have plenty of staff and volunteers to watch your child and promise they will be safe with us. :-)

  • Your child will be safely released back to you at the conclusion of the show.You will not be allowed to pick up your child during the show for safety reasons.

Costume / Recital Important Information

  • Please make sure your child is dressed with hair and makeup complete before they get to the recital venue.

  • Please label all costume pieces with your child's first and last name. (This includes shoes.)

  • If your child's hair is supposed to be in a bun please make sure the bun is neat and tight. You can use hairspray, hair gel, hair nets and bobby pins to make a neat and tight bun. I suggest to first put the hair in a pony tail and then wrap the pony tail around to form a bun. Once that is done you can pin a hair net on and spray well with hairspray.