Tucker Studio dancers perform at North Pole at Tucker event! 12/3/2022

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Whitney Teyf, Artistic director, was featured on All Business Media FM! Check out the live radio interview!

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Atlanta Hawks basketball pregame performance had the crowd on their feet!

EIM Dancers break a sweat at the Livsey Color 5k!

EIM Dance participated in Livsey Elementary Career Day! 

Whitney Teyf, artistic director was featured in!

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Whitney Teyf, artistic director, was featured in Dance Studio Life Magazine!

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Alliance Families Center Stage

- March 19th, 2011

Expressions In Motion Dance worked with the Alliance Theatre to help raise money for Alliance Theatre's education programs for children. The theme this year was "Honk." We had a great time teaching young children a fun dance to "Disco Duck."


- April 21st, 2011

Expressions in Motion Dance participated in the 2011 SCAD Atlanta Grad Panel. Many "soon to be" SCAD grad students from all degrees came to hear working artists speak about their profession. Other panel speakers included representatives from Georgia Public Broadcasting, Georgia Shakespeare and many other independent artists and graphical designers.

EIM DanCE featured in "Shout out Atlanta" online!

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I want to give you some feedback. I think this class has been great for Lainey and I really appreciate how supportive and patient Mary Evelyn is with her. I was worried she may not enjoy it out of frustration with not having any dance experience and might want to quit right away. I asked her to try it out for a few classes at the beginning of the school year and she's still eager to go each week! She still doesn't want to participate in the recital, but I'm just so thankful she has this opportunity to dance, learn routines, exercise and stretch. 

Thank you!

Stacy (Dunwoody Dance Studio parent)

Mrs. Teyf,

Your patience and skills taught were unparalleled among other specialty dance teachers and programs. This support has not only aided in Rose's ability to dance, but also has significantly improved her overall experience at school. I feel that my daughter's overall commitment to her studies and extracurricular activities have improved because your class demonstrates that both commitment and practice gives results to your students. You have also shown Rose the strong effect helping others can have on both the receiving and giving end. Thank you for helping my daughter choreograph and practice a dance for her audition. Both yours and my daughter's hard work and efforts have not gone unrecognized. I hope she will continue through life with what she has gained through dance - strength, self awareness and balance.

Thank you, from her proud parents, 

- David and Robin Lubin

Hi Whitney,

GREAT job with the recital on Saturday! I think it was the best one yet - flawless!! Just as the girls are growing and becoming more confident with their performances, so are you becoming quite a skilled director and producer!! You've assembled a wonderful team of choreographers and teachers who are very good at and obviously love what they do. It was a fabulous event!

- Ellen Etehridge (Vanderlyn Parent)

Tanisha had a wonderful time being in the EIM program and looks forward to the recital. I'm very pleased that I complied to her persistance in wanting to learn dance from your team of dedicated instructors.

It was a great pleasure to have known you. Thank you for inculcating the passion for Performing Arts to our young ones.

Finally, wishing you and your team the very best in all your future endeavors and success always.

-Vicki Murali (Vanderlyn Parent)

Ms. Whitney,

Thank you so much for a fabulous hula dancing party! You did such a great job. The birthday girl had a wonderful time and felt very special. The guests were wildly entertained and enjoyed every minute. The hula games were creative and the hula routine was absolutely adorable. I am an extremely pleased customer and will be sure to spread the word. Thanks again.



- Meggan Levitt (Livsey Parent)

Ms. Teyf,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful evening of dance from EIM. The event was very well coordinated and all the dancers dazzled in their beautiful outfits as well as their performances. We really enjoyed Niharika and her group’s performance in the ballet and especially her fun “surprise” J move in HIP-HOP. We look forward to another wonderful year of dance with EIM in the next school year.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Sanjoy Anand

Ms Teyf,

We would like to congratulate you and the entire EIM team for putting on a fabulous and very entertaining show on Saturday night! It was graceful and full of energy all at the same time. Thank you for working hard with the children to put this together.

I would like to specifically thank you for allowing our child to walk on to the stage alone at the very end of the show and bow to the audience. It was a proud and touching moment for both of us and one that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. Thank you."

Best Regards,

- Sanjoy & Poornima Anand (Vanderlyn Parent)


Great recital and fabulous location! I think I'll put my sons in Friday next year. I didn't know your boy group was so dynamic. My daughter and I enjoyed spending quality time together in Decatur. I guess next year it will be a family affair."

- Robin Lubin (Vanderlyn Parent)

Ms. Wallenstein,

I was completely blown away by the dance performance this past Saturday. You and your staff did an amazing job of running a top-notch recital. I was impressed by how smoothly and efficiently the entire event ran --- from early morning check-in to starting promptly to getting each little dancer on and off stage so quickly to coordinating the return of children to their families afterwards. It was all done so beautifully and organized so well. You had enough programs printed. The sound was perfect. The lighting greatly enhanced the dances, and the audiovisual screen prompts were helpful and cleverly in keeping with the IPod Shuffle theme. I was just completely in awe. I honestly didn't expect an after school dance program to put on such a professional, well-run show.

You made it all very easy and convenient for the parents, too. It was so wonderful not to have to worry with tickets, seating, and downtown venues in rush hour traffic!"

-Kendra Yates (DES Parent)

Abby really enjoyed dance this year and the recital and is looking forward to next year!"

-Judy Limor (Vanderlyn Parent)

Thanks for everything, we loved the program and she really came out of her shyness and confidence within herself!!!!

Kristen Davis (woodland parent)

"Hello - we had a great time seeing the performance on Sunday! We also want to express how much we value that the event is parent-friendly. Having danced growing up I know these things don't always happen:

Thank you for finding that balance between a serious, polished performance and one that appreciates their young age and the parents who are holding things together!"

From a Happy recital parent

Good morning! 

I'm Hannah Rose, Ava Rose's mom.

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in the summer camps Ava attended this summer: Once Upon a Time and Under the Sea Camps in Tucker.

She had a such a wonderful time and I thought you should do know how grateful I am for providing those experiences. Ava really came out of her shell and I'm certain we have your camps to thank for that! Just this morning, as we were getting ready for Princess Camp at her preschool with her favorite teacher and friends, she declared "NO. I want to dance!" 

I am so grateful for yall and we look forward to dance classes this fall at Tucker First UMC 

Thank you for everything, 

Hannah Rose  

"I wanted to make sure to update you on my son - we practiced for a few minutes most days with the videos his teacher made, and he was still not really looking forward to the recital. Not really nervous, he just didn't want to do it. On the day of the show, he was remarkably calm, he was excited to bring his new book to read backstage and I was way more nervous for him than he was! After the show I asked him how it felt to be in a show and if this was his last dance class for a bit. He said he loved it, it wasn't very hard (um, thank you to your teacher and you're welcome for helping you practice! ), and he got to chat with his friends backstage, and would be interested in doing it all again next year. I couldn't quite believe it. So many things had to happen to nurture that mindset shift in him, and I'm so grateful for all the work you all put into making dance accessible and fun. Also, my family and I enjoyed the entire show, it was so adorable and I can tell a lot of effort and planning went into making it run smoothly. The kids clearly have a great connection with their teachers, too. So cool to see. We'll see you again soon! Thanks again for everything."

-Happy recital parent

"Whitney, my wife and I were down from Chattanooga to attend grandparents day yesterday at school with our 5th grader. She and her sister asked us to spend the night so we could attend the performance this morning.  They were so excited about it we couldn’t refuse. Honestly, I wouldn't say I was “dreading it” but I could think of several things I’d rather be doing prior to experiencing the performance personally. Well, had we missed it I can’t imagine the level of regret we would be sharing. From the first note of the first song to your closing comments and awards I was totally engaged.  Of course we loved both dances that our grandkids performed.  But wow, your teachers‘ engagement, the ear to ear grins on so many of the kiddo’s faces, the music selection; everything was just fantastic.  My day to day career revolves around customer communication and reputation management. I know how important it is to our companies to hear when clients are happy with our services and I had to give you and your entire team an atta boy for pulling off an awesome recital today. Keep up the great work."

-Happy grandparent :-)